This was a hastily put together playlist of mostly older 80s and 90s songs that reflects my current feelings of isolation and frustration, colored with a bit of anger and maybe a dash of optimism. I was inspired to start this while listening to a song by Ought and heard the lyrics, “today, more than any other day, I am excited to go grocery shopping!” That about sums it up. There are plenty of obvious titles here that may be a bit too “on-the-nose,” but they all reflect my current quarantine-inspired mood. Yes, it smells like quarantine spirit! What are the songs that you’re playing right now to get through this? We’ll do a post soon with songs that are more of a soothing balm to this situation, as opposed to a frustrated reaction.

Here’s my list of favorite songs of 2018 – an odd collection to say the least. Favorite song of the year? That’d be “Onion” by Shannon and The Clams (pictured above). It was the earworm that just kept burrowing further and further into my brain. The overarching trend here seems to be mellow 60s-influenced pop gems with a few indie head-bangers to break-up the cool vibe. These songs were a soothing balm for the tumultuous and stressful year that was.

I’ve grown so weary of the same old holiday music played year after year. Even some of the things we used to listen to that were new and novel (Cha-Cha Christmas anyone?) are starting to sound a little long in the tooth. So, I started making a playlist that’s comprised of mostly new songs by more obscure and new indie artists, not just a bunch new takes on classic songs. Here’s the list. Put some whiskey in your nog and give it a listen!

To start things rolling here at the new Smells Like Pop, we decided to go with something a little personal, and well, precious (to us). Here’s a “Kids’ First Playlist” that we made especially for our daughter when she was less than 10 years old for her first boom box. It’s full of happy, peppy songs. And then it ends a little mellower, because “Hey, calm the eff down already!”

We’re busy working on our Best Albums of 2011 lists, and as a preview of sorts, I thought I’d share my favorite songs of the year. Notice I didn’t say “best songs” and in some cases, these bands aren’t even close to being on my top album list. But, these are my poppy, hook-laden favorites (in no particular order)…