Best of 2007

Best of 2007

I think 2007 was a pretty strong year for albums – I really had a hard time paring my list down, and stuck to albums which I listened to repeatedly, track-for-track. I also listened a lot to 2007’s music on shuffle, while painting the interior of my house; tracks from these albums just stood out for a few weeks.

There were so many great records put out this year that limiting myself to just 10 was kinda tricky. Every time I thought my list had coalesced, I’d give another record yet another listen and then throw everything out the window. So, here’s my list, as of today…

  • Menomena – Friend and Foe
    Pre-percolated, mind-boggling rhythms punctuated with spiky horns, keys and electric guitar to create a visceral, throbbing punk-prog mash-up.
  • The Shins – Wincing the Night Away
    As we’ve come to expect, shimmering and melodic, maybe even more so than previous records. It’s easy to take this band for granted, but this is another fantastic collection of songs.
  • LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver
    The bastard child of Eno and Chic adopted by NY punk parents. Even better than their first CD. Dance music hasn’t made you think so much (since Gang of Four). And, never has head-music made you want to dance so much.
  • Blonde Redhead – 23
    Maybe my favorite record of the year. Everything you want in a perfect pop album and more – beautiful, haunting, melodic and smart. Just lovely. Go buy it.
  • Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
    Incredibly layered songs reveal more and more with every listen. Johnny Marr’s guitar work makes a great band sound even better.
  • Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
    Tight, angular and almost clinical in its precision, this record grooves nonetheless. And rocks quite nicely, too. Great music for driving away from the scene of a crime.
  • Panda Bear – Person Pitch
    Brian Wilson hasn’t sounded this good in ages! Sonic cut-and-paste techniques and Beach Boy harmonies blend into beautifully pulsating trance-inducing pop music.
  • Battles – Mirrored
    It’s hard to describe this record. I could say that it’s a great prog-rock masterpiece for the new millennium, but that sounds like hyperbole. I could say it’s a pot-head’s aural wet dream, but that might sell it short. Just listen to it yourself. Loudly.
  • Caribou – Andorra
    60’s psychedelia with an electronic heart. Smart, beautiful and timeless. It leaves you feeling like you must have heard this somewhere before, but the underlying feel is quite modern, if not totally new.
  • Radiohead – In Rainbows
    It hasn’t completely soaked into my system yet, but this is another great record that is hands-down the best cost vs. quality ratio of anything out there (depending on what you paid for the download).

If I could pick more than 10, the latest albums from these artists would all be on my list! Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! | The Field | The National | Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew | St. Vincent | Arcade Fire | Of Montreal | Bat for Lashes | White Rabbits | Grinderman | PJ Harvey | Amy Winehouse | Lilly Allen | Animal Collective | Bloc Party | Band of Horses | Sunset Rubdown | Robert Wyatt | Le Savy Fav | Peter, Bjorn & John | Fujiya & Miyagi.

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