Quick Toots – Recent Favorites from Smells Like Pop


A lovely and complete album from Dan Bejar and company with punchy drums and bass á la New Order and atmospheres from Disintegration-era Cure. Only criticism? It’s too short. Get it!

The Smiths
I Know It’s Over (Demo)

This demo recording from The Queen is Dead brings out the drums and bass and makes you think the band is performing live right in front of you. Release ALL the demos!

LCD Soundsystem
American Dream

They said they were through. They went out with a bang. Then, years later there was a single. Then another. And now a full album of new songs from one of our favorite bands. Not their best LP, but a solid and welcome addition to their library.

A Place of Greater Safety

Luna is back again with an album of instrumentals. I thought I’d miss Dean Wareham’s vocals gently guiding the songs along, but this is a nice album for listening to while working. Or thinking. Or just doing nothing.